The Best WooCommerce Plugin to Boost Your Sales

The Best WooCommerce Plugin to Boost Your Sales

Posted on October 22, 2014 by ppcom

The Best WooCommerce Plugin to boost your sales is already available!

I'm a WEB developer, WordPress and WooCommerce Expert. And I've worked on hundreds WooCommerce Shop websites. About 100% of cases I've added Support Forum or FAQ with WooCommerce to allow customers ask Pre-Sale questions and discuss about product features.

Why we create dozens of consequential and indirect ways of support for our customers and let them go to another pages and spend time to find according support resources?

This is the most popular mistake of all online stores and WooCommerce as well. The real solution for this just letting our customers to discuss, add comments and ask pre-sale questions directly on your product page. This will save a lot of time and get rid of headaches. Your customers will thank you a lot for this ability. And here are another seven benefits of my idea:

  1. It gives life to your online store 😉
  2. Keeps your customers closer to you
  3. Lets them discuss about your products
  4. Allows to ask pre-sale questions before buying the product
  5. Lets your shop visitors see all customers' activity
  6. Allows you to provide an excellent customer support on product page
  7. As a result you have a ready and product specific FAQ under each Product separately

And all these features can be performed by WooDiscuz WooCommerce Comment Plugin. Here is the User Interface of this great plugin:

WooDiscuz - WooCommerce Comments and Product DiscussionsAs you can see on the screenshot, this is a three in one solution to have a customer friendly WooCommerce Store.

1) It's a perfect Q&A board to ask Pre-Sale questions, create comment threads and discuss about all features of your product.

2) This is an extended FAQ for each product separately, which includes customers' REAL frequently asked questions.

3) This is a customers community, which keeps them close to your store and
contributes to increase number of "return visits".

And another good news. This is a free plugin! You can download it from

WooDiscuz on

Also, currently is being created a Global Product Community called WooDiscuz on . This free WooCommerce Plugin will allow you and your customers share and place your products on WooDiscuz community for global discussions and reviews. This is going to be the largest product discussion center around the WEB.

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