CMS Forum and Shop Integration Services

Profprojects Integration Services

Profprojects provides with unique and professional integration services. There is not any other service with can integrate any CMS with any Forum or any Forum with any Shop. We've spent for about five years to become experts for each CMS, Forum and Shop. We found all possible and impossible ways to get those work with each others smoothly.
If you want to integrate some Discussion board with your current CMS based web-site or eCommerce based shop-site, you should contact us without any doubt. We allow you to try our service without any financial risk. We do not request any payment from you until your site has been successfully integrated and approved by you. The integration result will be on your server and you'll be able to check and use it before make the payment.
Therefore, if you don't like the results and you provide us with valid reasons, then you don't pay.

Integration Types

Design Integration

This integration only includes design maintenance. We'll modify your forums appearance to match your CMS or Shop design. For example if you integrate phpBB with existing WordPress, we'll install the phpBB in some subdirectory or subdomain then customize phpBB style to be similar with WordPress. We'll change phpBB header and footer as those are on WordPress. So, your website visitors will not see any differences between main website and discussion board.

Bridging Integration

You get the best of both worlds, a simple and easy to use CMS, Shop as well as a Forum with a single login. Visitors to your website can sign up in CMS registration page and start creating new topics and reply to integrated Forum board. It's one of the best ways to keep users on your site and to generate interest and have them coming back for more.

Full Integration

This is the Design and Bridging Integration Services within one package. We'll care about the design integration as well as the users integration.

How does it work?

Step 1 »

You choose the integration type and request for a quote

Step 2 »

We review your website and all CMS, Forum or Shop solution you'd like us to integrate. Then we contact to you and provide with all details and prices.

Step 3 »

If you accept the quote you send us access data to your site hosting service. Once we got all necessary accesses from you, we start the work immediately.

Step 4

Once we finish the integration we let you know and you'll be able to start checking that. After approving the result from you, we send request for payment via email.